Reflecting on Asasi TESL Interview in UiTM 2014/2015.

Keep in mind that, a student with 11A+ can even fail miserably when it comes to college interviews – for the lack of self-confidence and inability to create an idea or argument concerning a certain issue on-the-spot.
The interviewer (he/she) wouldn’t even look at your SPM slip for the second time, she won’t even care how your shawl is beautifully placed, he won’t even bother how shaky your hands are out of nervousness – what the interviewers expect in the 10-minute duration is how YOUR personality shines through. What makes you, you. What sets you apart from the hundreds of other cloned candidates.

-> “Please introduce yourself.”
You might want to start out with your name – most personal infos are not needed, for the interviewer will be flipping through your documents as you answer.
The interviewer is not interested in your father’s, mother’s, sister’s, brother-in-law’s full name – the interview is interested in you!
Add in passion or what do you do in your free time. Keep it short and in a confident tone.
It will be wise to point out a few of your strengths and one weak point. Be prepared to be questioned of how you handle the weak point.

-> “Why do you choose this course?”
It will be a smart move to point out the career scope, relate this course to what do you dream to be.
Long story short, your dream job requires a tertiary education as an edge against any other applicants. Or for example, “I choose Asasi TESL for the career scope is not only limited in teaching English. I wish to be involved in the field of journalism.”

“How do you feel about the journalism in Malaysia?”
Once the interviewer gets a grasp of what do you want to be, he wants to see your thoughts, your views, whether are you really catching up with the current issue in the field you want to be. Don’t panic. You don’t have to remember all of the NST’s journalists names.
Think about how you would make a change in journalism, or in any other field.
If you wish to be a teacher, what do you propose to make Malaysia’s education system better? Remember, think of making a positive change.

“What current issue that attracts your attention?”
The interviewer will emphasise his tone in “attracts your attention”. If talking about Virus Corona doesn’t attract your attention, you’ll be only wasting your time memorising a paragraph long of boring science – the interviewer, will be infected by the boredness too.
Something that you can say your thoughts out, even without having to do background check.
If the oppressing government in foreign countries doesn’t allow Muslims to wear hijab in public gets to you more, share your thoughts with the interviewer.
How do you feel – blessed living in Malaysia? Country where the welfare of the people is well taken care of?
How can we make things better – Petition signing to UNESCO?
There is no right or wrong answer, any ideas are welcomed.

“Judging from what we heard, you seem like you are into reading books.”
Don’t lie in this trick question. If you do like to read books, fiction and non-fiction, and you can easily recommend to the interviewer a book that you like – then you can say yes.
If you are a lazy reader like I am, like I answered, “I don’t have an author I followed up in particular, but I do have a book that I enjoy to read it over, and over again.” Be prepared to talk about the book, and why the odd habit.
If you don’t read books, just say no – instead you like reading blogs or anything. Keep a safe and honest answer, if you are not prepared to talk about a book.

Another aspect to highlight in the interview is, dressing code and proper manners.
Formal dressing code, of course. Male in corporate office wear donned with a tie, while Malay females in a baju kurung and unfortunately, I couldn’t confirm on non-Malay females. Nevertheless, the university board can be contacted.
Don’t sit unless you were told to. Body language expresses alertness and enthusiasm. Think of as if you were having a give-and-take conversation. Express thanks to the interviewer once you’re done, only shake hands if he/she prompts you to.

It might seem hard but you can surpass most potential candidates, and secure a spot in the university if you aced the interview.

Just a reminder that the questions above are not all there is. For more possible questions, you can refer to this website:-


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